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The New Era of Gaming Mouse Pads: Tempered Glass Takes the Lead
The new era of gaming mouse pads with our in-depth comparison of the ASUS ROG Moonstone Ace L and Razer Atlas!
Benefits of a Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat
Are glass mouse mats coming back?
What is it and how can it help me?
September 2022 Monthly Wrap
Month in review
March 2022 Monthly Wrap
end of month site update for March 2022
November 2021 monthly wrap update
Month in review, new product summary and industry developments
October 2021 monthly wrap update
The New monthly wrap update.
July Top 5
Top 5 products from each category for July 2021
Top 5s by category for May 2021
The most viewed devices for May 2021
2021 Feburary Top 5s
Top 5 products from each category for Feb
Janurary 2021 top 5s
The start of a new year and a new top 5 monlty gaming gear list.
2020 Year In Review
All the stats for 2020 in summary
November 2020 top 5
Novembers top 5 peripherals
October Top 5
Top 5 peripherals for October 2020
August Top 5
Top 5 peripherals for August 2020
July 2020 Top 5s
Top 5 products fropm each main category for the month of July 2020
June 2020 Top 5
Junes top 5 most viewed products by category
May 2020 Top 5s
The top 5 products for May 2020
April Top 5s
Top 5 items per category for April 2020
March 2020 Top 5
The top 5 by category
January 2020 Top 5
Top 5 peripherals for January 2020
November 2019 Top 5 list
Top 5 peripherals for November 2019
October 2019 Top 5 List
Top 5 peripherals for October 2019
September 2019 Top 5 List
Top 5 peripherals for September 2019
August 2019 Top 5 List
Top 5 most viewied products.
Best Fortnite Gaming Mouse
A rundown on the top mouse choices for Fortnite based on published e-sports player preferences
Computex 2017
Its time once again to head off to computex
Singapore 2017
A friend recently visited Singapore and took the opppertunity to visit Sim Lim Square
Server Upgrade
Last night was a long and somewhat boring night that just had a to happen.
PCs are not for the Kitchen
Another horror story of PC cleaning
Here and There
The difference in markets
Gamdias Zeus Mouse - Day Two
More exploring of the software and mouse features
Gamdias Zeus Mouse - Day One
Like any new toy I buy there is something about it that pushed me to buy it. With the Gamdias Zeus it was the customisable grips and the aggressive styling.
Domain Changes
After much research and debate we have gone and purchased the .net version of gamergear. This was mainly done to help with brand recognistion.
Cherry MX White
For the first time every I have been able to lay hands on a Cherry MX white. The keyboard in question is the Keyboard Paridise V60, it looks pretty identical to a Poker II but with some extra features.
Tokyo Shopping Adventure
I recently took a short holiday to Tokyo and found myself drawn to the computer / technology stores, of which there are many. I wouldnít make a huge effort to go to akihabara unless you want to experience it.
The Review Process
The process settled on is a main review of the product, which will then be passing around to a number of interested gamers and users to give feedback.
The What and the Why
For the last 6 years or so I have been working in a computer store. One of the most common questions I get is which is the best Mouse/Keyboard.