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Computex 2017

Like clockwork, its that time of year - Computex 2017 is only a few short weeks away, and like last year we are set to travel to Taipei Taiwan to indulge in the madness of it all.


The plan for this year is to get around to more booths than last year and to explore more of Taipei if there is time. If possible we will try to catch up with a few familiar faces as well as trying to get some footage from some of the booths. We are hoping to also get some footage of the G.Skill over clocking event held at the G.Skill booth inside one of the venues.


On our first night - before computex officially gets underway we will be at pre-show launch event, which will be interesting after 11 hours of traveling from Sydney to Taipei via Hong Kong. After that it becomes an endurance event getting around the different venues and booths.


To add to the spectacle this year it's Cooler Master's 25th anniversary, and yes we will be getting to hang out in their booth and attend the anniversary event. Cooler Master has a much larger booth this year, as they are pulling out all the stops. There will most likely be a few new and special things on display in their booth.

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