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The Review Process

I have finally organised a bunch of mice to sit down and play with, these include: roccat Kone[+], Razer Kriat, Steelseries Diablo III, Steelseries Kana v2 and the Leetgion Hellion.

The process I have settled on is a main review of the product with observations about it. I will then be passing around the products to a number of interested gamers and users to give feedback. The feedback from these people will be added once they have had a few days to use it and get to know it. I’m aiming to get 3 or more people to give feedback on each product.

The feedback will be based around a set of common points which should be comparable between all products of that type, these points include:

We will be providing a bio for each gamer so that you can understand their perspective and thoughts about a product. In the bio we will they will be listing the games they play the most often, their setup - especially what headset/keyboard/mouse and surface they use on a daily basis.