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2020 Year In Review

As 2020 came to a close we decided it would be an interesting idea to look at what items people had compared. What became apparent as you can see from the table below of the top 10 comparisons, is that the majority of results are people comparing the previous version of an item to the latest. There are a few comparisons that are between one brand and another.


Top 10 most compared 


# Item A Item B %  
1 G403 Hero G403 Prodigy Wired 19.97% view
2 Model O Model O- Minus 17.86% view
3 Harpoon Harpoon RGB PRO 12.52% view
4 G203 Prodigy G203 LightSync 11.67% view
5 DeathAdder V2 Viper 8.64% view
6 G502 Hero G403 Hero 7.2% view
7 Apex Pro Apex Pro TKL 5.95% view
8 Rival 650 Wireless G502 Lightspeed 5.73% view
9 Rival 710 Rival 600 5.58% view
10 G502 Lightspeed G903 LightSpeed Hero 4.89% view