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Tokyo Shopping Adventure

I recently took a short holiday to Tokyo and found myself drawn to the computer/technology stores, of which there are many. I wouldn’t make a huge effort to go to akihabara unless you want to experience it. Yes there are computer stores there but I found I had to walk several block away from the train-station to find the best ones. The store I found that had the biggest range was Yodobashi, which is a deparement store that specalises in electrical and computer products.

One thing that I notice straight away is that they have stock and variety. Many of the brands that I have read about and tried to get my hands on were on display so I could walk up and start to play with them. Many stores had the mice and keyboards connected to a computer running a game. So as a shopper it was great to be able to try before you buy.

Even with the headphones you could plug in your own device (mobile or portable gaming device) and try them right there on the spot.



Many stores even stocked replacement mouse feet - for a variety of brands and devices.