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Gamdias Zeus Mouse - Day One

Like any new toy I buy there is something about it that pushed me to buy it. With the Gamdias Zeus it was the customisable grips and the aggressive styling.

The packaging was very well made and stylish - no chance of the mouse being damage unless the box is destroyed. The cable ties where a bit over the top but that just goes to show the amount of thought that went into the packaging.

Included in the packaging are: the Quick Installation Guide, a leaflet for the Gamdias Olympic software and two really nice looking stickers (one clear and gold the other black and gold).

The Quick Installation Guide has a single page in english that gives enough info about the mouse and a few illustrations as well.

A neat feature is the mouse comes with a build in macro to launch a browser to help you download the latest version of the Gamdias Hera software.

The software is easy to install and detected the mouse with out issue. Once it updated itself i was able toplay with the mouses setting easi;y enough. One thing that became apparent is the Zeus lacks some types of customisations that you'd think a mouse of this leave would come with.

The software could be made a bit easy'er to navigate and use, but have some nice inclustions such as: adjustable lif-off for each profile, ability to have different X and Y DPI in a profile (not sure why anyone would want it), ajustable scrolling for the mouse wheel, polling rate etc