Keyboard Comparison

Cerberus Vs. CK350

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Cerberus CK350


No. of Keys: 104104
No. of Macro Keys: 12 macro keys (F1–F12) with macro enable/disable mode
Media Keys: Via Function Keys
Palm Rest: No
Memory Size: 64KB
Connectivity: USB Gold PlatedUSB
Cord Length: 2m Braided cable1.8m Rubberized
Battery Type: 
Battery Life: 
Key Type: Membrane with rubber domeOutemu, Blue, Brown, Red
USB Passthrough: NoNo
Audio Passthrough: NoNo


Anti-ghosting: 19KRO (key rollover)


Colour Options: 2 colors (red/blue),4-level light settingRGB
Lighting Effect: breathing mode

Dimensions & Weight: 

Dimension (LxWxH): 471 x 186 x 41 mm440 x 140 x 45 mm
Weight (grams): 1100 g1100 g
Also compared to:
    Also compared to:


    The Cerberus by ASUS is a Full sized keyboard with 104 keys, which uses Membrane with rubber dome switches. The Cerberus keyboard uses a USB Gold Plated connection, with a 2m Braided cable cable. And has 2 colors (red/blue),4-level light setting backlighting with breathing mode effects. It weighs in at 1100 g, and is 471 x 186 x 41 mm [LxWxH].


    The CK350 by CoolerMaster is a Full sized keyboard with 104 keys, which uses Outemu, Blue, Brown, Red switches. The keyboard has media keys which are accessible via function keys. The CK350 keyboard uses a USB connection, with a 1.8m Rubberized cable. And has RGB backlighting. It weighs in at 1100 g, and is 440 x 140 x 45 mm [LxWxH].