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Mini Streak Vs. HERMES M3 RGB

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Mini Streak HERMES M3 RGB


No. of Keys: 8787
No. of Macro Keys: 
Media Keys: 
Palm Rest: Yes, Detachable / AdjustableNo
Profiles: 6
Processor: NXP32bit ARM CortexTM-M3 microprocessor
Memory Size: 8 MB72KB
Connectivity: USB, Detachable USB Gold Plated
Cord Length: 2.2 m1.5m
Battery Type: 
Battery Life: 
Key Type: CHERRY MXGAMDIAS low profile mechanical Blue/Brown/Red/Black
USB Passthrough: NoNo
Audio Passthrough: NoNo


Anti-ghosting: N-Key Rollover
Software: HERA


Colour Options: RGB 16.8m Colors16.8 million RGB backlighting
Lighting Effect: N key rollover, 100% anti-ghosting

Dimensions & Weight: 

Dimension (LxWxH): 360 x 142 x 36mm354 x 128 x 25 mm
Weight (grams): 704g0.54KG
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Mini Streak

The Mini Streak by Fnatic is a TenKeyLess keyboard with 87 keys, which uses CHERRY MX switches. The Mini Streak keyboard uses a USB, Detachable connection, with a 2.2 m cable. And has RGB 16.8m Color backlighting. It weighs in at 704g, and is 360 x 142 x 36mm [LxWxH].


The HERMES M3 RGB by Gamdias is a TenKeyLess keyboard with 87 keys, which uses GAMDIAS low profile mechanical Blue/Brown/Red/Black switches. The HERMES M3 RGB keyboard uses a USB Gold Plated connection, with a 1.5m cable. It is supported by HERA software. And has 16.8 million RGB backlighting backlighting with N key rollover, 100% anti-ghosting effects. It weighs in at 0.54KG, and is 354 x 128 x 25 mm [LxWxH].