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Avior 7000 Vs. Avior 8200

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Avior 7000 Avior 8200


No. of Buttons: 99
No. of Macro Keys: 
No. of Game Profiles: up to 5 onboard
Connectivity: USB, gold platedUSB
Cable length: 2m, braided 2m
Colour: BlackBlack
Ambidextrous: YesYes, palm or claw grip
Coating: Soft touch rubber coatingrubber coating
Weights: No


Type: OpticalLaser
Brand: ADNS-3310Avago
Model: ADNS-A9800
Processor: 32bit ARM at 32Mhz 32bit ARM @ 72mhz
Lift off distance: 
DPI/CPI: 7000DPIupto 8200DPI
Memory Size: 128 kb128 kb
Max tracking speed: 5.45m/sec, 215 IPS3.8 m/sec (150 ips)
Max acceleration: 30G
Response time: up to 1000Hz pollingAdjustable to 1ms
FPS: Upto 12000


Colour Options: 16.8 million, 2 zones16.8 Million
Lighting Effect: Solid, Blinking, Pulsating or BreathingColour shift, Solid, Blinking, Pulsating and Breathing

Dimensions & Weight: 

Dimension (LxWxH): 125.3 x 65 x 36.6 mm125.3x65x36.6
Weight (grams): 146g145
Weight w/o cable: 100g93
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Avior 7000

The Avior 7000 by Mionix uses an Optical sensor from ADNS-3310, 32bit ARM at 32Mhz processor, providing a DPI/CPI range of 7000DPI. This results in a tracking speed of 5.45m/sec, 215 IPS. It uses a USB, gold plated connection with a 2m, braided cable. The Avior 7000 is considered to be an ambidextrous mouse. It weighs in at 146g grams with the cable and 100g without the cable and is approximately 125.3 x 65 x 36.6 mm (LxWxH).

Avior 8200

The Avior 8200 by Mionix uses a Laser sensor from Avago, the ADNS-A9800, providing a DPI/CPI range of up to 8200DPI. This is combined with a 32bit ARM @ 72mhz. This results in a tracking speed of 3.8 m/sec (150 ips), and a maximum acceleration of 30G. It uses a USB connection with a 2m cable. It weighs in at 145 grams with the cable and 93 without the cable and is approximately 125.3x65x36.6 (LxWxH).