Keyboard Comparison

K65 RGB Vs. K68

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K65 RGB K68


No. of Keys: 87104
No. of Macro Keys: 
Media Keys: Dedicated
Palm Rest: Detachable soft-touchYes
Processor: 32-bit ARM Processor
Memory Size: Onboard - size not stated
Connectivity: USB x 2USB
Cord Length: Braided Fiber
Battery Type: 
Battery Life: 
Key Type: Cherry MXCherry MX
USB Passthrough: NoNo
Audio Passthrough: NoNo


Anti-ghosting: 100% anti-ghosting and NKRO on USB100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover
Software: Corsair Utlity EngineCORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE)


Colour Options: Multi color, per key backlightingRed
Lighting Effect: Custom, Static, Cycling, Waves and Ripples, Reactive

Dimensions & Weight: 

Dimension (LxWxH): 356 x 166 x 37mm455 x 170 x 39mm
Weight (grams): 862g1.12kg
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The K65 RGB by Corsair is a TenKeyLess keyboard with 87 keys, which uses Cherry MX switches. The K65 RGB keyboard uses a USB x 2 connection, with a Braided Fiber cable. It is supported by Corsair Utlity Engine software. And has Multi color, per key backlighting backlighting with Custom, Static, Cycling, Waves and Ripples, Reactive effects. It weighs in at 862g, and is 356 x 166 x 37mm [LxWxH].


The K68 by Corsair is a Full sized keyboard with 104 keys, which uses Cherry MX switches. The keyboard has dedicated media keys. The K68 keyboard uses a USB connection. It is supported by CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) software. And has Red backlighting. It weighs in at 1.12kg, and is 455 x 170 x 39mm [LxWxH].