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Suppressor Gaming Keyboard: A Silent and Powerful Tool for Battle

Taipei, Taiwan – 16/10/2014 – Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today showcases the Suppressor, a keyboard tuned for gamers that enjoy being the silent assassin.
Engineered for Greatness 
Serious gamers take note; Suppressor is well balanced to assist in deploying to each in every arena. Suppressor is uniquely tuned to be your ideal tool for battle with a detachable USB cable for better and easier cable management and travel, a whiteLED light that keeps you gaming even in the darkest reaches of a LAN, silent membrane key switches equipped with a long life material to last through many skirmishes, and instant activation multimedia keys to activate your war songs. Add in its lightweight and durable design and Suppressor becomes a force to be reckoned with. 
Advanced Gaming Power

Cleverly integrated into the Suppressor are features for when your game needs to be taken to the next level. A powerful 32-bit / 72 MHz Rapid Engine is dedicated to executing simple and complex macros. Up to 75 of which can be stored within 5 easily swappable profiles via built-in shortcut keys. That amounts to 15 macros per profile, ensuring there is plenty of room to customize your gaming experience within your most frequented games.

CM Storm Suppressor will be available Insert time and model availability. Price and availability may vary based on region.Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.