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Tt eSPORTS unveils the New Enhanced 2015 CRONOS

Taipei, Taiwan – May, 21, 2015 – Tt eSPORTS is proud to reveal the 2015 version of our premium gaming headset, the 2015 CRONOS. This professional gaming headset from Tt eSPORTS is engineered for superior sound with enhanced boosted bass enhancement for gamers to enjoy while gaming!
Boosted Bass with Optimum Frequency Response
The 2015 CRONOS gaming headset comes with a 40mm driver unit and high-energy neodymium magnets that produce a high frequency response (19Hz - 100Hz) to strive for an exceptionally powerful bass output that offers an excellent amount of clarity. Delivering you an astounding and exceptional audio delivery for all your gaming sessions! No matter what style of game you’re playing, you will never miss a single beat with the 2015 CRONOS!

Bendable Microphone and In-line Controller
The 2015 CRONOS features a bendable microphone that accommodates any style of gameplay. The 2015 CRONOS also features an in-line controller that allows gamers to control the headset on the fly.

Specially Designed Lycra ® Headband with Fold Flat Design
The New 2015 CRONOS is specially designed to deliver a comfortable experience while you game for long sessions! The 3-sectioned headband made with LYCRA® fabric, eases the pressure on your head for a comfortable gaming experience. The fold flat design allows you to fold the headset for convenient transportation and it helps the ear cups provide the right fit for any gamer.

The New 2015 Edition CRONOS Gaming Headset with a suggested price of USD49.99
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