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In 1999 we really wanted to play some PC games over a local area network with some friends so we decided to have our first LAN party. Everyone really had a great time so we decided to hold another LAN. This time twice as many people showed up which really made for a lot of fun!

During the second LAN party we were really frustrated by our mouse surface (which was a desk) and we really wanted to make something that would force our mouse to be more accurate. We then made a couple of test mouse surfaces using some ideas that we came up with to make them smooth and accurate. Someone noticed the mouse surfaces we were using and asked if they could borrow one for a little while. I told the guy Sure! and handed an extra mouse surface to use.

At the end of the LAN party he handed it back and asked me if he could buy it. He also suggested that we start to mass produce these.

XTracPads (now XTracGear) was born. in 1999!

Fast forward to 2002 and our first mouse surface is produced the XTracPads PRO pad!

That being said we sure went through a lot of design changes and made a lot of additions to our mouse surface and gamer accessory product lineup. Our Ripper XL was the worlds first large gamer mouse pad followed by the even larger Ripper XXL. Funny thing about the Ripper XXL, so many people told us that was a stupid idea and that nobody would buy it. Ha! We proved them wrong