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Roccat Sova

Quick Features:

The Sova by Roccat, which uses Membrane switches. The Sova keyboard uses a USB connection, with a 4m break-away cable cable. It weighs in at 2350 g, and is 64.6 x 28.0 x 3.7 cm [LxWxH].

Manufactures description:

The weight of Sova in your lap, the high-quality materials it's made of, all designed for the perfect gaming board feel. That feel has to be perfect. Five hours of play should feel as good as five minutes. There are other options out there right now. They will not be Sova. Our ergonomics are on point. Our comfort is ideal. We solved the issue of heavy metal parts with advanced, durable fiber-improved plastics with the stability of metal without the unnecessary weight. That's just one advance in the Sova design.



 No. of Keys 
 No. of Macro Keys 
 Media Keys 
 Palm Rest  Replaceable wrist rest and lap cushions
 Processor  32-bit Arm
 Memory Size  512kB
 Connectivity  USB
 Cord Length  4m break-away cable
 Battery Type 
 Battery Life 
 Key Type  Membrane
 USB Passthrough  2 USB 2.0 ports
 Audio Passthrough  No


 Anti-ghosting  anti-ghosting with N-key rollover


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH)  64.6 x 28.0 x 3.7 cm
 Weight (grams)  2350 g


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