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Roccat Alumic

Manufactures description:

Are you looking for a mousepad offering comfort and high performance? Then the ROCCAT® Alumic is what you have been looking for. With two very different surface structures, the Alumic meets the highest demands of both low and high-sense gamers. Each side also features a different design. Made from high-quality aluminum, the ROCCAT® Alumic offers maximum stability and durability. Extra-large mousepad feet ensure the Alumic stays rooted to the spot while offering the ultimate in mouse control when gaming. It also includes a gel-filled wrist rest for maximum comfort.



 Material  Aluminum core
 Color  Black
 Dimension (LxWxH)  331 x 272 x 3 mm
 Size  M


 Connecton Type 


Roccat - Alumic (image: 4116)