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Steelseries 7G

Quick Features:

The 7G by Steelseries is a Full sized keyboard with 104 keys, which uses 18K gold-plated mechanical switches. The 7G keyboard uses a PS2/USB adaptor, USB for a hub, 2x3.5mm for audio connection, with a 2m, braided nylon. And has None with None effects.

Manufactures description:

SteelSeries 7G is built with mechanical no-click switches. The users experience with mechanical switches is very different compared to using the soft feel keys found on conventional keyboards or even laptops.

Traditional keyboards are built with small rubber domes under the keys. It is these rubber domes that provides the soft feel level of resistance when you type. When you operate a rubber dome keyboard, the keys needs to be pressed down until a membrane switch is activated. These membrane switches will slowly wear out, typically after one to five million key presses. You may already have tried this. After a while you will find yourself pressing harder and harder to get the keyboard to register key presses. Typing gradually becomes annoying and irritating but when you're gaming and you start missing critical in-game commands, frustration sets in. The 7G offers a lifecycle of 50 million key presses per key, which is more than 10 times of the amount than conventional keyboards.

But the 7G offers more than just a long lifecycle. The rubber domes on a conventional keyboard will, over time,lose their tactile feeling due to rubber flexing. The keys you use the most will start to feel different. The physical construction of the mechanical switches used in the 7G, and the strict tolerance levels in which the switches are manufactured, is what allows the key presses on this keyboard to always feel consistent.

It gets even better. With the 7G you don't have to press the keys all the way down for them to register. Our mechanical switches will register key presses fast; the travel distance will be roughly 50% shorter than a conventional keyboard. You will type faster, with a consistent tactile feeling. Your Actions Per Minute (APM) can reach new heights with the 7G thanks to this feature.



 No. of Keys 104
 No. of Macro Keys 
 Media Keys 
 Palm Rest Yes, detachable
 Memory Size 
 Connection PS2/USB adaptor, USB for hub, 2x3.5mm for audio
 Cord Length 2m, braided nylon
 Battery Type 
 Battery Life 
 Key Switches 18K gold-plated mechanical
 Key Caps 
 USB Passthrough Yes
 Audio Passthrough Yes


 Anti-ghosting Yes


 Colour Options None
 Lighting Effect None

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH) 
 Weight (grams) 


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