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CoolerMaster SK630

Quick Features:

The SK630 by CoolerMaster is a TenKeyLess keyboard with 87 keys, which uses Cherry MX Low Profile switches. The keyboard has media keys which are accessible via function keys. The SK630 keyboard uses a USB Type-C to USB 2.0 Type A, Detachable connection, with a 1.8m Braided cable. It is supported by CoolerMaster Portal software. And has RGB backlighting. It weighs in at 552g, and is 353.5 x 125.5 x 29.8 mm [LxWxH].

Manufactures description:

Be the envy of chiclet keyboard fanboys everywhere with the ultra-slim SK630 TKL Mechanical Keyboard. With extra-flat, contoured keycaps and new Cherry MX Low Profile switches in a minimal, tenkeyless design, you finally have a mechanical keyboard that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb next to your slick, all-in-one workstation. And with signature kickass Cooler Master features on deck, you're fully equipped to crush it both at work and in-game.



 No. of Keys  87
 No. of Macro Keys 
 Media Keys  Via Function Keys
 Palm Rest  No
 Profiles  Via Software
 Processor  32bit ARM Cortex M3
 Memory Size  512KB
 Connectivity  USB Type-C to USB 2.0 Type A, Detachable
 Cord Length  1.8m, Braided
 Battery Type 
 Battery Life 
 Key Type  Cherry MX Low Profile
 USB Passthrough  No
 Audio Passthrough  No


 Software  CoolerMaster Portal


 Colour Options  RGB
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH)  353.5 x 125.5 x 29.8 mm
 Weight (grams)  552g


CoolerMaster - SK630 (image: 5425)CoolerMaster - SK630 (image: 5426)CoolerMaster - SK630 (image: 5427)CoolerMaster - SK630 (image: 5428)CoolerMaster - SK630 (image: 5429)CoolerMaster - SK630 (image: 5430)

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