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Razer Ifrit

Quick Features:

The Ifrit by Razer is a Stereo channel gaming headset, which uses a 10 mm driver. It uses a 2 x 3.5MM Analog, USB connection and a sensitivity of 102 +/- 3 dB. It also has a Cardioid - unidirectional microphone with a frequency response of 100 ~ 10KHz and a sensitivity of -41 +/- 3dB.

Manufactures description:

The Razer lfrit has its own adjustable condenser mic that reduces the pickup of background noise without the need to position it on a mic arm, giving you true-to-life quality so your stream sounds amazing always.



 Weight (grams) 
 Channels Stereo
 Connection 2 x 3.5MM Analog, USB
 Cable Length 
 Wireless N/A
 Battery N/A


 Colour Options none
 Lighting Effect none


 Size 10 mm
 Impedance 32 Ohms +/- 15%
 Frequency Response 
 Max. input power 10 mW / 20 mW
 Sensitivity at 1KHz 102 +/- 3 dB


 Directivity Cardioid - unidirectional
 Sensitivity at 1KHz -41 +/- 3dB
 Frequency Response 100 ~ 10KHz
 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
 Capsule Size 


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