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Sense XXL

Roccat Sense XXL

Manufactures description:

The Sense uses a successful, battle-proven combo of advanced gaming tech and cutting-edge materials. Developed by ROCCAT engineers as a high-level hybrid pad, it’s aimed at uncompromising gamers who demand peak performance during intense, high-speed combat.



 Material  Cloth Surface, Rubber Base
 Color  Black
 Dimension (LxWxH)  850 x 330 x 2mmmm
 Size  EX


 Lighting  N/A
 Connecton Type  N/A


Roccat - Sense XXL (image: 6193)Roccat - Sense XXL (image: 6194)Roccat - Sense XXL (image: 6195)Roccat - Sense XXL (image: 6196)Roccat - Sense XXL (image: 6197)