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Sense AIMO

Roccat Sense AIMO

Manufactures description:

The Sense joins the AIMO fight to make the lighting eco-system bigger and better than ever before, for an even more immersive experience. Its soft cloth surface is bordered by a vivid RGB light guide with two programmable zones. Together with your compatible mouse and keyboard, it lets you experience AIMO the way it’s supposed to be experienced – with a powerful trio of devices immersing you in a world of ambient light.



 Material  Cloth Surface, Anti-slip rubber base
 Color  Black
 Dimension (LxWxH)  250 x 350 x 3.5mm
 Size  M


 Lighting  AIMO RGB illumination - 2 Zones
 Connecton Type  Detachable USB


Roccat - Sense AIMO (image: 6102)Roccat - Sense AIMO (image: 6103)