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CoolerMaster SK653

Quick Features:

The SK653 by CoolerMaster is a Full sized keyboard with 104 keys, which uses TTC Low Profile Mechanical Switch (Red/Blue/Brown) switches. The keyboard has media keys which are accessible via function keys. The SK653 keyboard uses a 1000 Hz (Wired mode), 125 Hz (BT mode) connection, with a 1.8m, USB Type-C Detachable & Braided cable. It is supported by Cooler Master MasterPlus+ software. It weighs in at 737g / 1.62lbs, and is 430 x 125 x 25mm [LxWxH].

Manufactures description:

The SK653 hybrid wireless gaming keyboard takes a modern approach to the classic mechanical keyboard with low profile switches housed in a sleek chassis for a drool-worthy aesthetic.



 No. of Keys 104
 No. of Macro Keys 
 Media Keys Through Function Key (FN)
 Palm Rest No
 Memory Size 
 Connectivity 1000 Hz (Wired mode), 125 Hz (BT mode)
 Cord Length 1.8m, USB Type-C Detachable & Braided
 Wireless  Bluetooth 4.0
 Battery Type 4000mAh (2000mAh × 2)
 Battery Life 
 Key Type TTC Low Profile Mechanical Switch (Red/Blue/Brown)
 USB Passthrough No
 Audio Passthrough No


 Software Cooler Master MasterPlus+


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH) 430 x 125 x 25mm
 Weight (grams) 737g / 1.62lbs


CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6818)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6819)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6820)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6821)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6822)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6823)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6824)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6825)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6826)CoolerMaster - SK653 (image: 6827)