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Ryos MK Pro

Roccat Ryos MK Pro

Quick Features:

The Ryos MK Pro by Roccat is a Full sized keyboard with 113 keys, which uses CHERRY MX brown, black, blue, and red switches. The Ryos MK Pro keyboard uses a USB connection, with a 1.8m braided cable. With per-key illumination effects, and is 23.4 X 50.8 cm [LxWxH].

Manufactures description:

The Ryos MK Pro offers totally customizable, ROCCAT-enginereed per-key illumination in two convenient modes: smart and manual. This means you can add awesome special effects to your keystrokes, configure your keyboard to highlight your in-game and application key bindings, your modifier keys, your macro sequences and cool downs, your system controls, and much, much more. The included software development kit ensures that only your imagination is the limit.

With the Ryos MK Pro, Easy-Shift[+] becomes the completely remappable easy keyboard. Together with the Easy-Shift[+] and FN keys, you can assign a secondary key function to virtually every key on the keyboard, to suit every game and key configuration. Add to this the fact that you can store over 500 macros in the keyboard's flash memory and you've got an insanely customizable, fast-acting piece of gaming hardware on your hands.



 No. of Keys  113
 No. of Macro Keys  8
 Media Keys 
 Palm Rest  Yes - integrated
 Memory Size  2 MB
 Connectivity  USB
 Cord Length  1.8m braided
 Battery Type 
 Battery Life 
 Key Type  CHERRY MX brown, black, blue, and red
 USB Passthrough  Yes - 2 x USB 2.0
 Audio Passthrough  Yes - audio in/out


 Anti-ghosting  Yes


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect  per-key illumination

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH)  23.4 cm X 50.8 cm
 Weight (grams) 


Roccat - Ryos MK Pro (image: 556)Roccat - Ryos MK Pro (image: 557)Roccat - Ryos MK Pro (image: 558)Roccat - Ryos MK Pro (image: 559)Roccat - Ryos MK Pro (image: 560)Roccat - Ryos MK Pro (image: 561)Roccat - Ryos MK Pro (image: 562)

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