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Razer Kiyo X

Manufactures description:

Take your streaming to the fullest with the Razer Kiyo Xa USB webcam for Full HD streaming at 1080p 30FPS. With great visual fidelity, fully customizable settings, smart auto-focusing, and more, we're all about helping you gear up to create your best content.



 Connection Type  USB 2.0
 Cable Length  1.5m
 Mounting Options  L-shape joint and Tripod Thread
 Integrated Lighting 


 Video Resolution  1080p/30fps, 720p/60fps, 480p/30fps, 360p/30fps
 Video Encoding  YUY2 (not for all video resolution)/ MJPEG
 Still Resolution  2.1 Megapixel
 Field of View (F.O.V)  82
 Focus Type  Auto


 Pickup Pattern  Omnidirectional
 Audio bit rate  16 bit 48 KHz


 Open Broadcaster  Yes
 Xsplit  Yes


 Size LxWxH 


Razer - Kiyo X (image: 7422)Razer - Kiyo X (image: 7423)Razer - Kiyo X (image: 7424)Razer - Kiyo X (image: 7425)Razer - Kiyo X (image: 7426)

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