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Vengeance 2000

Corsair Vengeance 2000

Quick Features:

The Vengeance 2000 by Corsair is a 7.1 channel gaming headset, which uses a 50mm driver. It uses a USB / Wireless connection with a 1.5m USB extension, 1.5m USB charging cable cable. This delivers a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and a sensitivity of 105dB (±3dB). It also has a Unidirectional noise-cancelling condenser microphone with a frequency response of 100Hz to 10kHz and a sensitivity of -37dB (±3dB).



 Weight (grams) 
 Channels  7.1
 Connecton Type  USB / Wireless
 Cable Length  1.5m USB extension, 1.5m USB charging cable


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 


 Diameter  50mm
 Impedance  32 Ohms @ 1kHz
 Frequency Response  20Hz to 20kHz
 Max. input power  500mA
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  105dB (±3dB)


 Directivity  Unidirectional noise-cancelling condenser
 Impedance  2.2k Ohms
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  -37dB (±3dB)
 Frequency Response  100Hz to 10kHz
 Capsule Size 
 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 


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