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Logitech G710+

Quick Features:

The G710+ by Logitech is a Full sized keyboard with 110 keys, which uses Cherry MX Brown switches. The G710+ keyboard uses a USB x 2 connection, with a Not stated cable. It is supported by Logitech Gaming Software software. And has White backlighting with four brightness levels, Off effects. It weighs in at 1460 g, and is 508 x 220 x 38 mm [LxWxH].

Manufactures description:

Quiet, non-clicking key switches and a built-in dampening ring underneath each keycap significantly reduce the distracting noise coming from your keypresses— without sacrificing responsiveness.



 No. of Keys  110
 No. of Macro Keys  6
 Media Keys 
 Palm Rest  Detachanble
 Memory Size 
 Connectivity  USB x 2
 Cord Length  Not stated
 Battery Type 
 Battery Life 
 Key Type  Cherry MX Brown
 USB Passthrough  Yes
 Audio Passthrough  No


 Anti-ghosting  All 110 keys
 Software  Logitech Gaming Software


 Colour Options  White
 Lighting Effect  four brightness levels, Off

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH)  508 x 220 x 38 mm
 Weight (grams)  1460 g


Logitech - G710+ (image: 1114)Logitech - G710+ (image: 1115)Logitech - G710+ (image: 1116)Logitech - G710+ (image: 1117)Logitech - G710+ (image: 1118)

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