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Quick Features:

The Oxygen by Ozone is a 2 channel gaming headset, which uses a 11mm driver. It uses a 3.5mm connection with a 1.2m cable. This delivers a frequency response of 20~20kHz and a sensitivity of 116 ± 4dB. It also has a Omnidirectional microphone with a frequency response of 100Hz~10Hz and a sensitivity of -42 ± 3dB. And only weighs in at 15g ± 2g.

Manufactures description:

Size matters, it´s true, but in Ozone we have managed to pack an incredible amount of sound into this small Oxygen In-ear progaming headset . This amazing headset has a genuine ability to fulfil a dual role in your life. Not only created to enjoy hardcore E-Sports game session but also to be used in real sports. You can also use your new Oxygen headset in many electronic devices thanks to the extension adapters that you will find in your Oxygen headset.

Oxygen In-ear progaming headset not just provide you the best sound experience but comfort and quality in the inner ridge of your ear. Fit to you because they are lightweight, fashionable… and fresh! Forget about sweating ears in long gaming sessions.



 Weight (grams)  15g ± 2g
 Channels  2
 Connecton Type  3.5mm
 Cable Length  1.2m


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 


 Diameter  11mm
 Impedance  24Ohms
 Frequency Response  20~20kHz
 Max. input power  30mW
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  116 ± 4dB


 Directivity  Omnidirectional
 Impedance  2.2KOhms
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  -42 ± 3dB
 Frequency Response  100Hz~10Hz
 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
 Capsule Size 


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