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Razer Scarab

Manufactures description:

The Razer Scarab features Fractal 2.0, an advanced iteration of the Razer Fractal technology surface first seen on the Razer Destructor. Putting crystalline coating on the peaks of the grained surface to differentiate against the darker troughs, sensors can identify positions significantly faster and more accurate allowing the Razer Scarab to deliver superior tracking.



 Material Composite surface, rubber base
 Color White
 Dimension (LxWxH) 350 x 250 x 3 mm
 Size M
 Weight 229 g


 Lighting N/A
 Connecton Type N/A


Razer - Scarab (image: 1808)Razer - Scarab (image: 5899)Razer - Scarab (image: 5900)Razer - Scarab (image: 5901)Razer - Scarab (image: 5902)Razer - Scarab (image: 5903)Razer - Scarab (image: 5904)

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