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Razer Invicta

Manufactures description:

The Razer Invicta features an all-new, lab-tested coating with a specially chosen finish on both sides to enhance the surface's reflective quality. This ensures accurate sensor readings so there are no in-game jitters and tracking remains uninterrupted.

You'll be prepared for every in-game situation since the Razer Invicta offers two sides designed for two completely different play styles. The slick-smooth SPEED surface lets your mouse glide freely and quickly to take out opponents before they even have a chance to react. The rough-textured CONTROL surface offers the optimum level of resistance leaving measured mouse movements and a tactile feel in your hand.



 Material Two sides - Speed and Control, aluminum baseplate
 Color Black
 Dimension (LxWxH) 355 x 255 x 4.5
 Size M


 Connecton Type 


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