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Quick Features:

The ONDA PRO by Ozone is a 2 channel gaming headset, which uses a 40mm driver. It uses a USB connection and a sensitivity of 116+/-4DB. It also has a Omni Directional microphone and a sensitivity of -42 +/-3 dB.

Manufactures description:

With the NEW OZONE DSP TECHNOLOGY (Digital Signal Processing) you will be able to Pinpoint where the fight is just by hearing the gunfire, the steps and the callouts with exceptionally accurate X-Surround Sound. This advanced technology restores clarity and details of compressed audio in music, movies, and games, recreating the subtleties of the original game sounds, making the experience more dynamic and brilliant. Thanks to an integrated Dynamic Bass you will experience a deep and vibrating sound and feel the strong bass signals of drums, guitars, explosions, automobile engines, etc.

With ONDA PRO’s light and ergonomic design, you won’t feel you are wearing them. So forget everything and get into a real new exciting experience!.



 Weight (grams) 
 Channels  2
 Connecton Type  USB
 Cable Length 


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 


 Diameter  40mm
 Impedance  32 Ohm
 Frequency Response 
 Max. input power  100mW
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  116+/-4DB


 Directivity  Omni Directional
 Impedance  2.2K Ohm
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  -42 +/-3 dB
 Frequency Response 
 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
 Capsule Size 


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