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Ozone Neutron

Manufactures description:

The new ozone mousepad is the perfect combination between a hard mat and a soft one creating a new consistent gaming performance. Ozone has developed one of the highest stable mousepads that you can ever experience: It delivers total accuracy and control, its rubber absorbs noise ensuring a quiet use and it's been optimized for both laser and optical mice performance. The hybrid surface gives you a unique smooth feeling and the best performance, whether you are a hardcore gamer or not, this mousepad will exceed your expectations. The Nucleus of the atom has been released, make it yours.



 Material  Hybrid micro-texture surface
 Color  Black and Red
 Dimension (LxWxH)  413 x 290 x 4mm
 Size  L


 Connecton Type 


Ozone - Neutron (image: 2152)Ozone - Neutron (image: 2153)Ozone - Neutron (image: 2154)

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