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Ozone Trace

Manufactures description:

t has been designed with an extra large surface (400 x 280 x 4mm) to fit any gamer's expectations, because with Trace you won't have space limitations.

Trace has an advanced layered design to offer the highest comfort for extended periods of use. Its layered design has been engineered with 4 different materials, which combined form a great multipurpose mousepad. The first layer is a rubber base that stabilizes your moves and fix the mousepad to any surface.



 Material Heat treated cloth surface and semi-rigid structure
 Color Black and Red
 Dimension (LxWxH) 400 x 280 x 4mm
 Size L


 Connecton Type 


Ozone - Trace (image: 2164)Ozone - Trace (image: 2165)Ozone - Trace (image: 2166)