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Ozone K1ck

Manufactures description:

Ozone K1ck is an extra-large gaming mousepad specialy designed with the K1ck eSports Club logo. The K1ck Association plays in most of the successful videogames that can be found in worldwide competitions and is one of the few legal and registered eSports Associations in Europe . Tested by professional gamers, its high-end ultra-grip rubber base ensures maximum comfort and control at all times regardless of the surface it’s placed on.

Amazing design and texture perfect for gamers that push their limits to the edge. Get a smooth and steady speed glide for any kind of mouse.



 Material  Rubberized base
 Color  Black and Yellow
 Dimension (LxWxH)  450 x 400 x 4 mm
 Size  L


 Connecton Type 


Ozone - K1ck (image: 2176)Ozone - K1ck (image: 2177)