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Gandiva H1L

Tesoro Gandiva H1L

Quick Features:

The Gandiva H1L by Tesoro uses a Laser sensor, providing a DPI/CPI range of 800/1800(Default)/4000/6400/8200 dpi. It uses a USB connection with a Braided cable. It weighs in at 135g grams with the cable and is approximately 11.6x 7.2 x 4.4 cm (LxWxH).

Manufactures description:

Gandiva, the bow of Arjuna, the great warrior of Mahabharat war, was also one of the rarest bows of its time. The bow was decorated with hundreds of gold bosses, and had radiant ends. Arjuna used it in Kurukshetra war and he was invincible. It is said that beside Lord Krishna no one except Arjuna could wield the bow in the mortal world. The bow, when twanged made the sound of thunder.

Flashy & aggressive style laser gaming mouse! This modern design gaming mouse features full color programmable illumination effect. Through its programmable software UI, users can define up to 5 sets of mouse mapping, 40 macro keys, game script setting and illumination effect control. With the superbly precise laser sensor, enable customized resolution between 800/1800/4000/6400/8200 DPI. Adjustable. GANDIVA H1L, sleek and comfort. The preferred gaming mouse for gamers.



 No. of Buttons  8
 No. of Macro Keys  40 macro keys, up to 1600 actions recordable
 No. of Game Profiles  5
 Connectivity  USB
 Cable length  Braided


 Type  Laser
 Lift off distance 
 DPI/CPI  800/1800(Default)/4000/6400/8200
 Memory Size  128Kb
 Max tracking speed 
 Max acceleration 
 Response time  up to 1000Hz polling


 Colour Options  Adjustable full color LED
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH)  11.6x 7.2 x 4.4 cm
 Weight (grams)  135g
 Weight w/o cable 


Tesoro - Gandiva H1L (image: 2195)Tesoro - Gandiva H1L (image: 2196)Tesoro - Gandiva H1L (image: 2197)Tesoro - Gandiva H1L (image: 2198)

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