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Roccat Tyon

Quick Features:

The Tyon by Roccat uses a Laser sensor from 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU, providing a DPI/CPI range of up to 8200dpi. This results in a tracking speed of 150ips - 3.8m/s, and a maximum acceleration of 30G. It uses a USB connection with a 1.8m, braided cable. It weighs in at 126g without the cable and is approximately 135 x 78 x 40mm approx (LxWxH).

Manufactures description:

Gaming has changed. The modern battlefield is an especially hostile place, with threats from the air, sea and land. How do you react to these extra dimensions of gameplay? Enter the ROCCAT Tyon, the all action multi-button gaming mouse that's the result countless hours of design from the industry's greatest minds, specifically tailored for modern, multi-vehicle warfare.

The Tyon features the X-Celerator, a single-axis analog thumb paddle pioneered for modern battlefields. It gives you unrivaled command capabilities without sacrificing control. You can use it to seamlessly tilt left and right, pitch up and down, increase and decrease throttle and much more, all while maintaining perfect mouse control.

ROCCAT�s breakthrough Easy-Shift[+]� technology lets you assign a secondary function to each button on the mouse, for a near endless number of attack possibilities. The secondary function can be activated once the Easy-Shift[+]� button is held down. On the Tyon, this is a dedicated button conveniently located beneath the traditional side buttons.

The Tyon is the first ROCCAT mouse armed with the ingenious Dorsal Fin-Switch, a two-way button controlled mid-knuckle, expertly placed for ease of use without having to adjust the hand during crucial moments. The Dorsal Fin-Switch is a brilliant tactical design to move ever more vital functions away from the keyboard and to your gaming mouse.

Four expertly placed ergonomic buttons flank the main right and left clicks, allowing even more functions to live on the Tyon rather than your keyboard. This addition to the multi-button layout allows for even more rapid execution of myriad commands, designed to feel so comfortable each action feels like second-nature.



 No. of Buttons  16
 No. of Macro Keys  31
 No. of Game Profiles 
 Connectivity  USB
 Cable length  1.8m, braided
 Ambidextrous  No
 Software  Yes
 Weights  No


 Type  Laser
 Brand  72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU
 Lift off distance  1 - 5mm
 DPI/CPI  up to 8200dpi
 Memory Size  576KB
 Max tracking speed  150ips - 3.8m/s
 Max acceleration  30G
 Response time  1000Hz, 1ms
 FPS  12000fps


 Colour Options  16.8 million
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH)  135 x 78 x 40mm approx
 Weight (grams) 
 Weight w/o cable  126g


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