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Sargas 450 SK

Mionix Sargas 450 SK

Manufactures description:

The Sargas 450 SK is made of a durable microfiber cloth material with slightly more friction than coated mousepads. The special microfiber surface counteracts data loss and improves the sensor tracking performance. The Sargas 450 SK was built with our in-house S.Q.A.T. technology which tests the data loss of the surface, many months of testing has been carried out to ensure that this cloth pad has an extremely low data loss. The underside is made of a natural rubber offering a firm grip irrespective of the surface under the mousepad or extensive movements. The wide tracking area ensures for long sweeping movements without interruption.



 Material  Durable, smooth and flexible microfiber
 Color  Blue
 Dimension (LxWxH)  450 x 400 x 4mm
 Size  L


 Connecton Type 


Mionix - Sargas 450 SK (image: 2566)Mionix - Sargas 450 SK (image: 2567)