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Razer Kraken USB

Quick Features:

The Kraken USB by Razer is a 7.1 virtual channel gaming headset, which uses a 32mm Neodymium driver. It uses a USB gold plated connection with a 2m/6.56ft rubber sheathed USB cabl cable. This delivers a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz and a sensitivity of 112dB. It also has a Unidirectional microphone with a frequency response of 100Hz - 12kHz and a sensitivity of -40dB +/- 4dB. And only weighs in at 250g.

Manufactures description:

Using a sophisticated virtual surround sound engine via Synapse, the Razer Kraken USB brings your games to life by projecting a 360? soundscape around you. Everything from gunfire, to footsteps, voices, and even the wind in the trees can be heard with positional accuracy relative to your location in the game world.

Each game's audio design is a beast of its own, and everybody's ears register sound differently but with the Razer Kraken USB, you can customize a specific profile for each application and fit the sound to your ears everything from surround channels, to bass levels, and even incoming voice audio can be fine-tuned to your needs. This applies to movies and music too, so your audio experience is always precisely the way you like it.



 Weight (grams)  250g
 Channels  7.1 virtual
 Connecton Type  USB gold plated
 Cable Length  2m/6.56ft rubber sheathed USB cabl


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 


 Diameter  32mm Neodymium
 Impedance  32 Ohm
 Frequency Response  20Hz - 20kHz
 Max. input power  50 mW
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  112dB


 Directivity  Unidirectional
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  -40dB +/- 4dB
 Frequency Response  100Hz - 12kHz
 Signal-to-Noise Ratio  63dB
 Capsule Size 


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