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Genius Manticore

Quick Features:

The Manticore by Genius is a Full sized keyboard with 121 keys, which uses 3.8 mm key-cap switches. The Manticore keyboard uses a USB connection, with a 1.8m cable. And has Full color 16M RGB for backlight in three areas backlighting.

Manufactures description:

With a full color sixteen million RGB backlight palette, you can set your favorite color within the three cluster areas, as well as adjust the brightness using four different levels. By increasing the amount of easy-to-reach commands with eight macro keys on the side, to assign up to twenty-four macros, you avoid any distractions when switching to Gaming Mode. You can also record macros directly through the master record button and assign them to any G- key without launching the user interface. Manticore has onboard memory to prevent command blocks. The twenty anti-ghost keys can be pressed at the same time without any "ghosting" effect.

With two additional USB ports located behind the keyboard, you can add extra USB peripherals. With smart cable allocation underneath the keyboard, you can eliminate the cable clutter on your desktop



 No. of Keys  121
 No. of Macro Keys  8 programmable macro-keys and three game profiles
 Media Keys 
 Palm Rest  Yes
 Profiles  3
 Memory Size 
 Connectivity  USB
 Cord Length  1.8m
 Battery Type 
 Battery Life 
 Key Type  3.8 mm key-cap
 USB Passthrough  Yes
 Audio Passthrough  No


 Anti-ghosting  up to 20 keys


 Colour Options  Full color 16M RGB for backlight in three areas
 Lighting Effect 

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH) 
 Weight (grams) 


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