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Logitech F710

Manufactures description:

Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom gaming without wires. Simply insert the nano-receiver into a USB port for fast, 2.4 GHz data transmission with virtually no delays, dropouts or interference.



 No. of Buttons  17
 Connectivity  2.4 GHz wireless nano-receiver
 Cord Length 
 Colour  Black and Silver
 D-Pad  Yes
 Illumination  None
 Software  Logitech Gaming Software
 Power  2 AA batteries
 Rechargeable  With battery replacement

Dimensions & Weight

 Dimension (LxWxH)  142 x 98 x 75mm
 Weight (grams)  285 g


Logitech - F710 (image: 3275)Logitech - F710 (image: 3276)Logitech - F710 (image: 3277)Logitech - F710 (image: 3278)

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