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Hyper X Cloud

Quick Features:

The Cloud by Hyper X, which uses a 53mm driver. It uses a mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) connection with a 1m + 2m extension + 10cm iPhone cable. This delivers a frequency response of 15Hz - 25,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 98 +/- 3dB. It also has a condenser , cardioid microphone with a frequency response of 100 - 12,000 Hz. And only weighs in at 350g.

Manufactures description:

Let your opponents take the blows while you game without pain. HyperX Cloud cradles your head in a super-soft padded headband, memory foam ear cushions and leatherette-padded cups so even your late game will be comfortable. It's affordable, so there's no pain in the price either. Pro-gaming optimized, HyperX Cloud is Hi-Fi capable and delivers intense audio with crystal-clear low, mid and high tones plus enhanced bass-reproduction so you can lose yourself while you win. Plus you'll look cool while playing, thanks to the unique HyperX design available in black or white.



 Weight (grams)  350g
 Connecton Type  mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm)
 Cable Length  1m + 2m extension + 10cm iPhone


 Colour Options 
 Lighting Effect 


 Diameter  53mm
 Frequency Response  15Hz - 25,000 Hz
 Max. input power  150mW
 Sensitivity at 1KHz  98 +/- 3dB


 Directivity  condenser , cardioid
 Impedance  -< 2.2 kOhms
 Sensitivity at 1KHz 
 Frequency Response  100 - 12,000 Hz
 Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
 Capsule Size 


Hyper X - Cloud (image: 3689)Hyper X - Cloud (image: 3690)

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